Email: Info@amanswell.com


 Q: How do you make reservations or place orders with Amanswell?  

1.Visit our website: Amanswell or  http://photos.amanswell.com for the online catalog. 

2. Select the photo(s), size, and style  

3. Email us: info@amanswell.com or call us directly: +1.678.249.0811 to place order.  

Q: How do I receive quotes?  

A: Go to https://amanswell.com and request a quote. You will receive a phone call or text message within 24 hrs to schedule an appointment via phone or in-house. All quotes are free. No way, we won’t charge you for travel expenses...within metro Atlanta.  

Q: How does a retainer option work in photography?  

A: With Amanswell Photography, you pay a retainer fee which allows your time to be utilized anytime within a 30 day period(given a 48-hour notice). If you’re happy with the services provided you will be automatically billed a minimal monthly fee, starting 30/mth every month thereafter. You receive the same amount of time at a FRACTION of the normal cost. Add or subtract hours if necessary. Cancel anytime.   

Q: What methods of payments do you accept?  

A: We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. We also accept Square and Paypal. Full payment is due upon order. Payment more than 5,000USD require a 50% deposit to process order. Balance is due upon receipt of invoice.  

Q: How do I receive my orders?  

A: Orders placed for the metro Atlanta and surrounding areas will be delivered by Amanswell. All other orders will be securely packaged, fully insured and delivered using USPS or FedEx.