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What is A-mans-well?

 The name (A-mᾱns-wḝll) refers to that special space creativity is sourced.  Truth is...we all have it.  It’s about visually expressing it positively and letting that creative flow influence and inspire  the world around us.


What began as a simple hobby in travel photography found its way to the forefront as a Lifestyle brand and professional service back in 2015.  The love I have for travel goes back much further.  As a child my family would take summer trips and each time; I'd have to bring my favorite 110 camera with me to capture as much as  I could.  THis was in the days before digital, so you have to be sure you had enough film rolls ...lol.  

It was my one way of always keeping the memories  close and sharing them with friends and family.  Some of my very best photos would hang from my closet door as wall art.  As much as I loved travel, I also enjoyed the beautiful wall pieces and art work that hung from many of my favorite restaurants, boutique hotels , bed & breakfasts, along the journey.  There is where my lifelong passion became reality to offer  some of the best works I've created  as a brand not only capturing various landscapes, beaches, and architecture but also those things that we often miss in everyday life.  From there, the rest was history.  

Today the love for art continues with unique creations of canvas photography, painting, and airbrushed visuals.  I look forward to connecting with individuals and businesses around the world interested in Amanswell arts.


Craig , creator & operator

Amanswell ,LLC