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We started in 2015, with one goal in mind.  That goal was to provide original fine art photography and  canvas prints throughout the world.  We achieved that.  Many of our works were offered to the hospitality industry often with the opportunity to purchase certain pieces in bulk.  Well...all of that is changing.

NOW...to bring more style and value to your investments anything from us  will now be offered as  individual (1 of 1)items  and others in very limited collections.  BEFORE you could admire canvases and prints from Amanswell.  But now...you just might LOVE  these pieces knowing they will truly be offered NO WHERE ELSE.

In addition,

 we will be introducing new mediums of acrylic and oil paintings and the unique new line of animal "Drip & Abstract" collection, coming summer 2019.

Queen C.I.T.Y. Ruse

24x36" Queen City Ruse 650

?? AMansWell ??

 The name (A-mᾱns-wḝll) refers to that special space creativity is sourced.  Truth is...we all have it.  It’s about visually expressing it positively and letting that creative flow influence and inspire  the world around you.


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